More Details Emerge Surrounding Gordon Murray’s T27 City Car

More Details Emerge Surrounding Gordon Murray’s T27 City Car

Not long after Gordon Murray’s McLaren F1 was feted at the company’s headquarters, new details have emerged about Murray’s all-new T27 city car, being developed by the South African-born engineer independently of McLaren.

Essentially an electric version of the T25 city car, the T27 uses a lithium-ion battery and a small electric motor to hit 60 mph in under 15 seconds. The time might seem agonizingly slow for many car enthusiasts, but in urban driving, the 8.2 foot length and 4.3 foot width, along with a range of 80-100 miles will matter far more, allowing the T27 to deliver an acceptable driving range and fit into the tightest of parking spaces.

A running prototype is expected to be completed by April of next year, and judging by Murray’s past creations, as well as the leaked info about the T25, both city cars should be game changers.

[Source: World Car Fans]


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