Next Generation Civic Si Rumored to Get TSX 2.4-Liter

Next Generation Civic Si Rumored to Get TSX 2.4-Liter

The 9th generation Honda Civic Si performance model may get a big update, moving from the current torque-less 2.0-liter to the 2.4-liter motor currently offered in the Acura TSX. News of this development comes via a source from the well-informed folks at Temple of Vtec, although even they aren’t confident in its credibility. 

The K24 engine currently makes 201-hp and 172 ft-lbs of torque and in the smaller and lighter Civic (presumably offered with either a six-speed transmission) will make for an exciting package. Tuners already know this, with the K24 already established as the “go to” engine for those performing an engine swap. 

Tuners have also discovered that the K24 has a lot more potential in it, meaning we could see a good bump in power over the current output as well.


  • disappointed hondafan

    Hopefully this is true, would also be nice if it came standard with HID lights, maybe a turbo option. And please Honda don’t make turn the SI into a sport hybrid.

  • 2nd disappointed honda fan

    I hope this is true , I would be in the market for a Manual sedan by then and Civic Si is in top of my list.

  • Matt

    Honda should make the si more powerful witl the k24 engine and also offer a type R with the turbo engine found in the acura RDX

  • Preston

    I already have a k24 in my 08 Civic already :p