Nissan BRE 370Z: New Photos – Still No Production Plans

Nissan BRE 370Z: New Photos – Still No Production Plans

Nissan has just released new photos of the stunning BRE 370Z, including several on track at Road Atlanta with the car that inspired it – the original BRE 240Z. The BRE 370Z was created to celebrate 40 years since Peter Brock, John Morton and the Southern California-based Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) team clinched the SCCA Championships, ending a long-sanding dominance by German and British sports cars. Painted in the now iconic red, white and blue BRE colors (just like the original 240Z race car), this sports car is an homage not only to the racers and their car, but to all that the Z has become.

The car itself is built to SCCA T2 regs and has a “old school” manual transmission combined with Nissan’s very modern SynchroRev Match system. Based on the 40th Anniversary 370Z it also gets Nissan’s full 370Z Sport Package, including front and rear lips, 19-inch Rays wheels, upgraded brakes and a limited-slip differential. Plus, there’s a long list of minor trim upgrades like red door panel inserts, red stitching on the center stack and shift boot, as well as 40th Anniversary badging inside and out.

Nissan will show the car at several Z Club events this year, including ZCon 2010, which makes its way to Nashville this year from July 28 to August 1.

While there are not plans (yet) to put the BRE 370Z into production, the 40th Anniversary Edition 370Z on which it’s based is available, with just  1,000 units being made. Still, we could really go for the full BRE treatment. Come on Nissan…



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Nissan and Brock Racing Enterprises Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Z®’s First National Championship at the Classic Motorsports Mitty – Forty Years after Their Famous Victory in the 240Z, Peter Brock, John Morton and the Brock Racing Enterprises Team revisit at Road Atlanta –

Forty years ago, the Datsun 240Z arrived in North America and changed the sports car landscape forever with its combination of sleek design, excellent performance and amazing value. That same year Peter Brock’s Southern California-based Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) racing team helped to change the motorsports world by claiming the first SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) National Championship for the Z® in production racing over long-established champions from Germany and England in head-to-head competition. That win, and the follow-up win in 1971, changed the perception of the Z® and other Japanese cars and the motorsports world was never the same. Those championships wins, with driver John Morton at the wheel, firmly established the performance and engineering credibility of the Z®.

The #46 championship car carried the now famous red, white and blue BRE paint scheme designed by Peter Brock. This past weekend at Road Atlanta Brock, Morton and many of the BRE team members reunited with a replica of the #46 (the original was unfortunately destroyed many years ago) and many of the famous original BRE cars at the Classic Motorsports Mitty at Road Atlanta. In recognition of BRE’s multiple championships in Nissan products and the Z®’s first championship, Nissan North America again teamed with Brock to create an updated rendition of the famous BRE livery on a specially modified 2010 Nissan NISMO 370Z Coupe.

The BRE 370Z was shown for the first time at a special BRE Reunion dinner on Thursday evening when Brock drove it into view for a sellout crowd. It received a very warm welcome and was displayed throughout the weekend along with large collection of the famous BRE racecars and a 40th Anniversary Edition 370Z. Brock, Morton and many of the original BRE team members spent much of the weekend reminiscing about their BRE team days. The team even had a chance to jump back into action when one of the old team cars wouldn’t fire just before the celebration laps on Saturday. They quickly diagnosed the reluctant racer and fired it just in time to take to the track for a few laps with all the BRE team cars led by Brock in the BRE 370Z. While the speeds were limited the BRE team members couldn’t resist the opportunity to occasionally run up the revs to feel a little surge of acceleration and revisit that 1970 championship for a brief moment.

“To be able to gather with many of my old BRE crew members at Road Atlanta was truly a special occasion,” said Brock. ”It was fantastic to see so many BRE tribute cars and to have so many fans join us for the celebration was very gratifying.”

The BRE Nismo 370Z was well received by the fans at the Mitty and Brock looks forward to getting behind the wheel when he can experience the full performance of the car. “Because the 370Z has strong, sculpted shapes, I was able to make the livery even bolder and more aggressive,” said Brock. “I’m really pleased with the livery and I enjoyed driving it around the track but I’d like get a chance to drive it as it should be driven sometime.”

The BRE 370Z is not just a show car, it’s built for the track. As is appropriate to commemorate the championship car, it was built to current SCCA T2 racecar regulations and will see track duty later this year. It will also be on display at multiple Z® Club events around the country, including ZCon 2010, the annual Z convention, from July 28 to August 1 in Nashville.

About the Nissan 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition The 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition starts out as a 370Z Coupe Touring model equipped with manual transmission and Sport Package (including SynchroRev Match™, front chin spoiler, rear spoiler, Nissan Sport Brakes, 19-inch Rays forged aluminum-alloy wheels and viscous limited-slip differential) and adds a premium “40th Graphite” exterior color and red leather-appointed interior.

Additional exclusive equipment includes a high-luster smoke wheel finish, red brake calipers and 40th Anniversary badges on the rear hatch and front strut tower brace. Inside, along with the red leather-appointed seats are red door panel inserts, 40th Anniversary seatback and floor mat embroidery, red stitching on the center stack, shift boot and kneepads, smooth leather steering wheel with red stitching and a plaque of authenticity. Only 1000 examples of the 40th Anniversary 370Z will be available in the U.S.

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