Nowack Motors Tunes MINI Cooper S and JCW to 260-HP

Nowack Motors Tunes MINI Cooper S and JCW to 260-HP

In the past, Nowack Motors has tuned several BMWs and recently has released three kits for the MINI Cooper S and JCW models. What are already a fun and nimble cars have just become that much more powerful through Nowack Motors’ tuning kits. The three kits are conveniently labeled with their horsepower ratings: N210, N230 and N260.

The entry level N210 kit comes with a reprogrammed ECU and performance air flow filter making for safe and easy modifying and a nice power upgrade out of the MINI’s 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. An additional 20-hp can be found with a stainless steel exhaust system which is the difference between the N210 and N230 kit.

Things get more fun in order to achieve the 260-hp figure however. Nowack Motors’ N260 kit tosses in some internal engine work including a new cylinder head, high-performance camshafts, custom downpipe, upgraded intercoolers and a performance air intake.

Additional fun can be had from Nowack Motors with their springs, coilovers and sport differentials available as accessory upgrades. And for those that are located in Germany and can afford the luxury of having it all installed at Nowack Motors, they will receive pre- and post-dyno figures showing off just show smooth and linear their upgraded performance band is.

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[Source: Tuning News]

  • Lawrence

    Amazing pictures, if possible where can I get the kit in Toronto, I have just bought an 07 cooper s and would love to do the upgrades.
    Love to hear from you.
    Regards Lawrence