Only 36 Percent Of Pontiac Owners Stay With GM

Only 36 Percent Of Pontiac Owners Stay With GM

Pontiac owners are abandoning the brand when it comes time to purchase their next vehicle, according to a report in Automotive News.

Pontiac’s moderately priced sedans like the G6, Grand Prix and G8 were affordable transportation for many consumers. With those products gone, all that GMC-Buick dealers (who formerly carried Pontiac products) can offer are more expensive fare like the Buick Lacrosse, which starts at $26,000.

Pontiac customers who do stick with GM tend to gravitate towards Chevrolet, which offers larger, moderately priced sedans that are a familiar transition for Pontiac owners. GM has offered a $1,000 rebate to Pontiac owners as well as four free oil changes as an incentive to stay with the company. GM spokesperson Tom Henderson said that “the loyalty rates of Pontiac owners are in line with our expectations,” but declined to give any data.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Terry

    I purchased a new 2009 G8 GT before Obama took over GM and killed Pontiac. 2 years prior my wife purchased a new Saturn Aura, Saturn is now also dead. I won’t bother to waste my money on ANY new GM vehicles ever again as WHO knows if they’ll be around even 6 months after you buy the dang things! What good is a car company if they can’t figure out how to stay in business? And I’ve been a life long GM man, but now….well the new Mustangs look nice don’t they?

  • Dennis R. Simon

    After Chevy & GM screwed over Pontiac all these years I thank GOD & Mr. Lutz for my early teen dream of a Pontiac 2 seat sport car, a ’09 Solstice GXP Coupe !!! The day I bought my dream car was the Happiest and Worst day of my life. I’m 57 and never owned a car that wasn’t a Pontiac. GM Screwed Pontiac and I hope all “Pontiac Lovers” return the affection, FORD, DODGE, ETC.

  • David

    As long as GM keeps importing\rebadging Holden and Opel vehicles, I will stay with GM.

  • Mike

    I’ve always been a fan of Pontiac, and will miss the brand. I’m on my second Solstice, and am very happy with it. When the time comes to replace the daily driver, I’ll look at Chevy, but not Buick.

  • Tomas Rosales

    GM lost me after killing Pontiac. They should have killed GMC since it’s nothing but a rebadged Chevy truck. If I buy another Pontiac it will be a vintage one… or a Solstice… down the rpad when they become affordable… if ever!~

  • Harry Tam III

    I share the anger towards GM that many of you have expressed. GM has basically flipped-off Pontiac buyers by killing Pontiac rather than Buick. I, too, am a lifelong Pontiac owner, and still own one. When GM killed Pontiac, Pontiac was outselling Buick TWO-TO-ONE! Perhaps Pontiac customers need to show GM what they think about its decision to kill Pontiac by voting with their feet and going to Ford or Chrysler. GM says Buick sells in China. OK, then let China keep GM afloat; I don’t think GM deserves any help from Pontiac customers.