Porsche GT2 RS Breaks Cover, Destroys Viper ACR’s Nurburgring Lap Time, Laughs at GTR

Porsche GT2 RS Breaks Cover, Destroys Viper ACR’s Nurburgring Lap Time, Laughs at GTR

Porsche has just released the first official photo of the hardest-core GT2 RS, announcing that this super sports car can lap the Nürburgring in just 7 minutes, 18 seconds – 4 seconds ahead of the current production car leader, the Viper ACR. Porsche has achieved this monumental feat thanks to the addition of 90-hp and the reduction of 154 lbs of weight. And that;s compared to the already potent, capable and light weight GT2.

Porsche claims a 0-60 mph time of just 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 205 mph.

Just 500 GT2 RS models will be built at a price of $245.000. The car will make its official debut at the Moscow Auto Show on August 25th.



Official release after the jump:

Porsche 911 GT2 RS – Most Powerful, Street Legal Porsche Ever Ultimate 911 extracts 620 ultra-efficient, twin-turbocharged horsepower from 3.6 liters; dramatically improved power-to-weight ratio and increased fuel economy ATLANTA – May 12, 2010 – The time: seven minutes, 18 seconds on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. The power: 620 hp. The weight: 3,020 lb (1,370 kilograms) in road trim with all fluids on board. The car: the new 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

90 More Horsepower, 154 lbs Less Filling The latest 911 is the fastest and most powerful road-going sports car ever built in the history of Porsche. With horsepower (hp) up by 90 and weight down by 154 lbs (70 kilograms) in comparison with the previous 911 GT2, the new 911 GT2 RS has a power-to-weight ratio of just 4.9 lbs (2.21 kg) per horsepower, by far the best power/weight ratio in its class. These are the ideal ingredients for an ultra-high-performance sports car with supreme agility and truly blistering performance on the road. Perfectly illustrating Porsche Intelligent Performance, the 2011 GT2 RS achieves a reduction of approximately 5 percent for both fuel consumption and CO2 emission reduction when compared with the previous 911 GT2.

The 3.6 liter six-cylinder boxer engine features two variable turbine geometry turbochargers and provides power to the rear wheels exclusively through a six-speed manual gearbox. Equally impressive stopping power comes from Porsche Composite Ceramic Brakes (PCCB).

Unique Tires, One of a Kind Performance New tires were specifically developed for the 911 GT2 RS and measure 245/35 ZR 19 at the front and 325/30 ZR 19 at the rear, delivering cornering performance to match the straight-line speed. Extreme cornering dynamics are ensured by the setup of the springs, Porsche Adaptive Suspension Management (PASM), unique anti-roll bars, specific engine mounts and recalibrated Porsche Stability Management (PSM), whose stability and traction control functions can be switched off individually.

The combined effect of these developments is evident on the racetrack. In fact, the ultimate 911 accelerates from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, boasts a top-track speed of 205 mph and laps the famed Nürburgring-Nordschleife racetrack in just 7 minutes and 18 seconds.

Carbon Fiber, Limited Production In its looks, the new 911 GT2 RS stands out clearly from the other 911 models through the lavish use of carbon-fiber-reinforced (CFR) components with a matt-black surface finish, even wider wheels (including flared wheel arches at the front), new light-alloy wheels with central locking and “GT2 RS” model designations on the doors and rear lid. Matte-finish carbon also graces the redesigned front spoiler lip and the 3/8th of an inch (10 mm) taller rear spoiler lip – which both enhance aerodynamics and provide extra downforce.

The interior of the 911 GT2 RS also exudes sporting performance in virtually every detail. Lightweight two-piece bucket seats made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic are standard, as are lightweight door panels with fabric straps instead of traditional door handles. The basic interior color is black, which contrasts with red elements, such as the seat center sections, the roof lining and segments of the steering wheel rim. The gearshift and handbrake lever are also finished in red alcantara.

Limited to just 500 units worldwide, the 911 GT2 RS will be available in the U.S. October 2010 and will have a MSRP of $245.000. The GT2 RS is making its world debut at the Moscow Auto Show on August 25th 2010.

  • Fabian

    I’m sure they’re not laughing, cause they sell a car that cost 3 times more than the GT-R and twice much than the Viper ACR, and a little bit more. For many years the european people laughed of the american cars because it couldn’t do good times at the track, but now they have to spend millions for do what american cars and the GT-R does for much less money.
    what a shame for the european cars.

  • Summsie

    Hey guys only one problem, the GT2 RS traveled 230 meters less than the Viper to attain that record

    Check out Wikipedia Nurburgring lap times.

    Porsche shame on you !!!!!

  • Tcjenn

    Congrats Porsche! Amazing feat. Porsche has done it again! The rest of the world will be playing catch up again!

  • Ven

    The fact that the Dodge/SRT team spent a VERY short time at Nurburgring and got that 7:19 time in 4 laps is amazing. If anyone saw the video you know there’s EASILY another 2-3 seconds that can be shaved off. The driver missed some shifts, the super STRONG headwind on the back straight, ect. Not to mention the newer gear ratio offered by Dodge which would suit the ACR better on the Nurburgring. Porsche isn’t laughing because they know the ACR could easily brake 7:17 and their new fancy GT2 RS would be outdated by a car costing less than 1/2 the price.

  • Carlos g

    Porsche. There is No Substitute.

  • rigor mortis

    Porsche beats any american muscle car anyday, anywhere and anytime. Aboslutaly the best porsche to hit the streets for long time. For the complaint about the shortÉr track just remeber the viper did not have standard road tires the posche did!!!!!

  • rigor mortis

    BTW even if the viper was even more cheaper I would still go for the porsche, atleast the porsche does’nt start burning after being driven hard. Can’t say the same for the viper just go check the review top gear did on the viper absolute shocker, that’s why it is so cheap because it build crappy!!! FACT

  • skydiver

    When Nissan started targeting Porsche I immediately said to everybody that would listen that Porsche was going to come out with something mind blowing. Good going Nissan.

  • rigor mortis


    Damn right they produced the most powerfull standard production porsche ever! and I have to agree the Nissan GTR is a awesome car they just need to iron out some axel problems, but still a awesome car.

  • Steve

    Fantastic Car. Fantastic time, no one can dispute that. But $245,000??? Street Legal? Sure. “Standard Production”? Stretches the definition by a long shot…what’s the criteria?

  • Xadier

    If it’s name brand you are after sure PORSCHE is the ONE, bang for the buck I will still marry the GT-R.

  • Ted Hlokoff

    As stated above the ACR’s 3 runs comprised 3 missed shifts and 4 times overrevving. The OLD 2008 went 7:21 I don’t know why anyone would thing that the 2010 wouldn’t be a lot faster – especially since the aforementioned 5th gear should be good for several seconds all by itself. The revised 2010 spoilers have nearly equal downforce although they have less drag removing another few seconds from the ring time.

    The ‘story’ I read last week said that a $1,200,000 unique “production” Ferrari 599XXX went 6:59 around the ring. Apparently although you can buy this Ferrari, you can’t drive it or take delivery of it because Ferrari is keeping it.

    Viper Owner’s Invitational 11 is next month. SRT engineers will probably show a video where the 2010 ($100.000) ACR does the Ring in under 7 minutes. Not sure if Porsche ever set any records, but search first production car to go over 200mph. Dodge sold Darts and ‘Cudas back in the 60s that are still the quickest cars ever built (1/4 mi). Dodge built the “Worlds Fastest Pickup” (04-06 SRT10 Ram).

  • Ted Hlokoff

    As far as the comment about North Amercian cars NOT being faster, I guess you’ve never heard of a Cunningham? Hemi that kicked asp throught the 50s. How about Carrol Shelby??? The name that strikes fear into all European Car fanatics. The AC Cobra couldn’t lose. The Daytona coupe he built was also killer. Then Carrol went after Mustangs and built Euro car killers through the 70s. Carrol worked with Dodge and built little 4 bangers and with their onwership of Maserato and Lamborghini Dodge showed the Japanese how to build DOHC Turbos. Then helped Mitsubishi design the VR4 and the Stealth R/T TT. After Shelby helped Dodge with the initial Viper design he went to Ford and built a street machine of his Euro porsche killer GT40 car and called it the Ford GT which even kicked Viper for a couple years until the Gov cancelled it (too fast?) which left Dodge to continue building that Comp Coupe Viper – that was regulated to add 500# extra weight and run 40% restrictor plates so that they wouldn’t win almost every race (like they did in the late 90s). I see that even with engine restriction plates and extra weight – the comp coupes still beat up the Porsches quite often. Imagine a fair race between a Porsche and an unregulated Viper? …

  • Chiz

    I agree that the Viper with more track time and the new 2010 gearing could beat this time . And I know i’m not the only person out there that thinks all porsche like crap. A squished down beetle . One car that I would never own no matter how much money I had . The new Viper is one of the Best looking Baddest MoFo’s ever produced .

  • kb

    For Chiz or is it cheese. You obviously are one big hillbilly that doesn’t know his head from a hole in the ground. Do you have a clue to the type of engineering tolerances that goes into making a porsche that will last a for years to come. What dodge have you ever known to go over a 100k mi. I guess if you never driven one you must be clueless.

  • hmmm

    well fabian… porsche did it with a car that have a v6 and under half the displacement. i agree, the viper and gtr gives much more for the money, but remember the quality in interior and throughbut.. the porsche is superior

  • Eric

    I actually own a 2006 Viper (Blue with Silver Stripes)that I drive on the autobahn everyday. I welcome all who doubt. Have not had a Porsche stay with me yet, sure, I know, I just haven’t found the right Porsche…blah blah blah. Well, I brought my Viper to Porsche country and still haven’t been beat. If any of you are Porsche owners, find me on the A61-A6-A67 from Alzey to Darmstadt daily from 6:35am to 7:45am or the reverse from 5pm-6pm. That is where men decide amongst themselves which car is faster, on the road, in their own vehicles. Not on a forum arguing about vehicles they will never own.

  • Eric

    hmmmmm – if you buy a sports car for how plush it is, maybe you should be buying a luxury car. Have you ever sat in a GT2, GT-R or Viper?

    Also, the Viper was in completely street legal, factory option tires. Top Gear, while one of my favorite shows will always hate on American cars. When they tracked the Viper, it was “extremely wet” according to the show. Which under normal wet conditions they will adjust the time by 4 seconds, with that adjustment, the Viper (even with their negative comments, comes in a lot closer to the top. Playing with toys that cost $200k-$1m.

    The Viper will be back in 2012 with more power, new styling and I’m sure a new Nurburgring record.

  • Brian

    Hmmm. reading all these comments, i wonder how much is talk that you can back up? I can – i have a ferrari f430 and 8 corvettes – not to mention 5 porsche cars – GT3 being the current fastest one. All i can tell you from a guy whom sits in the driver seat, is factually all cars are great, they are like beautiful women, they have a personality. During a search for new sports car i did test drive a Viper, great car, fast etc, but reminded me of a 1967 cadillac sedan de ville as it floated down the road. Front end up, bulky and seemed to be without a good suspension design – like it had a truck frame underneath. So needless to say i went over the Chevy and bought the corvette (1998) which drove like a sports car. Then 11 years later i drove and immediately purchased the GT3. Car is well built, engineering is obvious in how it handles. The car is worth the cost. You have to remember your not paying the price of the car due to high profit margins, there is actually value to the engineering and parts and components. Sure you can turbo charge a go kart and go fast, but not in style, not with safety in mind and not with class and overall performance. I have to state though, Ferrari does it best of all in all categories, second is porsche and third is corvette.

    While i respect dodge and their Viper as one hell of a car, I have seen one too many veer out of control at high speed and crash. Probably due to the driver not having the requisite talent to handle the power underfoot. Bottom line, drive what you like, talk is cheap. They are all great in their own way. You dont hang with your buddies on weekends comparing girlfriends and wives on how they brush their hair – right. So think before you talk about cars you have no experience with. Your entitled to your opinion, we all are. Mine are based in fact.

  • Nick

    You really seem to know nothing… Just because you own several cars does not mean you know how to drive….

  • Brian

    Guys i will be back in January with comments about my GT2 RS after i get my hands on it. The dealer tells me the order has been pulled and the build date is expected to be Dec 6 2010. So give it a month to get here, i will come back and give you an honest view of the car. And if i can find a dodge owner i will get him or her to go along with me for a drive, maybe even a race around the track. Remember that cars are as unique as each person is, they all have the plus and minus – pros and cons. So lets remember they are all cars, there is plenty of room on the track for both to exist, each is a markedly different driving experience.


  • tony

    i think its funny porsche through a big claim out with no shred of proof it does anything close to the time they claim. dodge never claimed a thing they came out used a camera and blew everyone away. Now you have porsche making claims they cant prove and not one company or journalist was there to witness it. also I have heared that the stopped the clock 230 meters early. They should at least show the world cause when they do a 7:24 officially (cause the 7:18 time is unofficial mfr estimate) they will look like they exaggerate the same way nissan did. Love or hate the viper it came out of nowhere and shit on everyone. no claims no bullshit. the American way!

  • Brian

    Lets see what gets documented – having driven literally 20 different sports cars on the street and track, i have to reserve judgement until i drive the GT2 RS, beleive me i know torgue and i know acceleration, so as i stated before, when the time comes and i have facts i will be back with the facts, claims by anyone other than the driver are just that – claims, not based in fact.

  • Dave

    For those of you who think that the Viper is as good a car as the GT2RS just because it’s powerful, you know NOTHING about cars. Ask any professional race car driver what the difference between those two cars is and they would tell you “everything”. Porsche are built FAR superior to a Dodge. The engineering is the best in the world. They get 620HP out of a 6 cylinder and Porsche’s handle better than any Viper could ever dream of handling. I’ve driven both a Viper and a 911 Turbo and the Viper feels like a $20k car inside and drives like a super powerful boat. The 911 lets you feel every slip of the wheels and you are in complete control. It’s unreal. Search videos online of 911 GT2 smoking even a ZR1 in a straight line. I’m sorry, but there is no comparison. You pay $245k for the GT2RS for a reason.

  • Bansheemarc

    Uh oh, would you like to see race footage of a Viper schooling SEVERAL Porsche’s on the track. A Viper can hang all day with a Porsche

  • Anon

     All this and it’s still slower than the super powerful boat. There’s a reason Vipers rip track records out of Porsche’s hands every single time. You’re right though, there is no comparison. $245k and you end up with the slower vehicle. But hey, look on the bright side. You can be slower in comfort with that better interior and smooth handling Dodge wishes it could match!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marc-Bergeron/1519927721 Marc Bergeron

    I would also like to see any evidence for Porsche doing this 7:18 lap time. Whre’s the video…or anything besides their verbal claim?

  • Dave

    And Brian, we aren’t in the 50’s anymore man. The only reason the Americans were so dominant back then was because the Europeans weren’t trying to build big horsepower gas guzzlers. You do realize that Mercedes and the Germans INVENTED the automobile right? In the 1930’s, Audi (back then known as Auto Union) was already building V-16 cars with 1000 HP capable of 200MPH which back then was impossible for anyone else because tires didn’t exist that could withstand that speed. Audi had custom space-age tires built specifically for that car to withstand those speeds. AMERICANS COULDN’T TOUCH THAT. Believe me, if Germany wanted to, they could have built cars that KILLED the early muscle cars. They cared more about light, well built, good handling cars. Not straight line speed gas guzzling boats.

  • Dave

    Sorry Brian, I meant to address my last message to Ted Haikoff

  • Jorell

    Unless it’s filmed it’s bullshit. Official Porsche time? 7:24.

  • Anon

    Still a buster.

  • Sailinfla

    porsches still look like a karmin ghia’s VW, since the 60′ I always thought that german cars don’t look good. Now They all look alike. like jap cars

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