Pour One Out For A Homie: Mazda RX8 To Die After 2011

Pour One Out For A Homie: Mazda RX8 To Die After 2011

The Mazda RX8 has led a rich, full life as one of the finest sports cars you can buy for under $40,000. Never the quickest car in a straight line, the RX8 was always a dominant car in autocross, and a good way to put a smile on your face when blasting down a back road.

The RX8 was slated to exit the European market this year anyways, officially due to stringent Euro V emissions standards, but slow sales in North America have hastened its exit from our shores as well. If you still want one, the R3 model, with various suspension bits, Recaro seats and fancy wheels is the one to get, but deep discounts are sure to be had on virtually all models. Picking up a newRX8 for the price of a Civic Si is a realistic prospect depending on where you live.

In the mean time, speculation continues on what Mazda’s newest rotary project will be. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for an all-new RX7.

[Source: Autoblog]


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