Prius Drivers Tries To Flex His Hybrid Muscle, Lands In Jail

Prius Drivers Tries To Flex His Hybrid Muscle, Lands In Jail

If one were to look up the definition of “pathetic” in the dictionary, the following story would be it. A Georgia driver of a Toyota Prius, tired of being mocked for his hybrid car, had enough teasing one day, and attempted to prove just how awesome his car’s acceleration capabilities are – by trying to out-drag a Honda Civic that attempted to pass him.

The Athens Banner Herald reported that Timothy Hird, 23, was tired of being mocked over his choice of vehicle. Hird and Alejandro Gamboa, 18, were both charged with reckless driving after Gamboa’s Civic nearly hit a police cruiser while him and Hird were battling it out along a curvy stretch of road.

According to Gamboa and his passenger, both Hird and Gamboa’s Civic left a Publix supermarket at the same time, and headed down Georgia Highway 211. Hird allegedly sped up to pass Gamboa, pulling along side and yelling “Watch This” as he did so. Hird apparently blocked Gamboa from passing him multiple times, and would repeatedly tap his brakes when Gamboa’s car was behind his own.

Hird denied the allegations, but according to a police officer who filed a report on the matter, “Hird repeatedly told me that people are always harassing him on the road because he drives a Prius.”

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • Chad

    Let’s see…less HP, less acceleration, less torque, less cargo space, higher price than comparably-sized gas-only cars…for the sake of a few extra MPG. You have to drive a Prius for something like 15 years to finally equal the cost of having purchased a Hyundai Accent.