Report: Bugatti Developing One-Off Electric Car

Report: Bugatti Developing One-Off Electric Car

Reports surfacing from the Volkswagen Group say that Bugatti is working on an all-electric concept vehicle, that promising staggering acceleration and may never even see the light of day.

According to a report in Auto Express, the car, based on a Bentley Continental GT platform, uses two electric motors to put out over 1600 lb-ft of torque. One unnamed source told the English magazine that the car possesses“ absolutely unbelievable” acceleration, but depletes the battery pack in “a matter of minutes”, both of which seem plausible.

Bugatti has already built an electric car, the Type 56, a pre-WWII era car that made 1 horsepower. Like the electric prototype currently being developed, the Type 56 was never intended for release, but public pressure forced Ettore Bugatti to bring the car out in public, perhaps setting a precedent for Bugatti electric vehicles nearly a century later.

[Source: Auto Express]


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