Report: No Twin-Turbo V6 for Next Enzo Says Ferrari Boss

Report: No Twin-Turbo V6 for Next Enzo Says Ferrari Boss

Reports of a twin-turbo V6 engine to power the upcoming Enzo successor have been quashed by Ferrari boss Amedeo Felisa. ““There are no plans for a six-cylinder engine today,” said Felisa in an interview with the U.K.’s AutoCar. “Ferrari will not build a six-cylinder engine until customer attitudes towards smaller engines change. The perception today is that the number of cylinders equates to the possibilities of the car.”

Rumors had also indicated that a twin-turbo V8 (a more likely option for such an ultra high-performance machine), but Felisa didn’t comment on that possibility, increasing speculation that we will in fact see such a powerplant situated over the rear wheels of the next Enzo.

In addition to those comments Felisa spoke about the increased use of carbon fiber in its future models, commenting that the Italian automaker won’t use the light-weight material extensively in its production cars any time soon. The exception to this rule, however, are extremely limited production cars like the next Enzo – which don’t see regular road use. Felisa cited a lack of knowledge about long term reliability and durability of carbon fiber, as well as issues relating to repairing the material if its used in a structural way – like McLaren has done with its new MP4-12C.

We expect more details to emerge about the next Enzo as Ferrari ramps up to launch its latest supercar in 2012.

[Source: AutoCar]