Russian Firm Dartz Builds Gold Car, Lenin Weeps In His Tomb

Russian Firm Dartz Builds Gold Car, Lenin Weeps In His Tomb

A couple decades after the fall of Communism, Russian firm Dartz is set to make the most conspicuous, ostentatious and absurd vehicle to ever hit the road. The Dartz Prombron Car With The Golden Wheels (yes, that is the name of the car) really does feature gold wheels (as in, gold plated, not gold colored) with 50 caliber bullets used as the design for the wheel spokes. It also comes with a gold window tint applied at a former Soviet space-equipment factory. The seats are a lowly vinyl, but they are the same snakeskin pattern used by former Russian President Boris Yeltsin in his executive jet. And as a homage to James Bond, the car will come with a solid gold Mauser handgun with solid gold ammunition.

No official specs or pricing has been released, but you can bet it will be expensive. The Dartz Promborn presents a pretty good case for central planning and state control of natural resources. Even the most ardently hedonist would be hard-pressed to justify such profligacy.

[Source: Dartz]


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