Russian Marksman Make Automotive Art With Automatic Weapons

Russian Marksman Make Automotive Art With Automatic Weapons

The Japanese are known for their calligraphy. The Swiss invented Helvetica. Now the Russians are creating beautiful stenciled art work – on the bodywork of an E36 BMW 3-Series. With AK47s.

Apparently, the BMW in question was headed to a museum exhibit dedicated to the political turmoil of the early 1990’s, when Russia was a newly capitalist society. The rapid rise to a market economy meant an influx of ill-gotten wealth, and status symbols like luxury cars were all the rage.

A local artist decided that the car needed some additional accoutrements, and had some gun enthusiasts take shots at the BMW with their Kalashnikov. Some of the work turned out quite nicely, while other attempts ended up being a mess. Check out the photos at Jalopnik, and the awesomely bad text at the original site for more info.

[Source: English Russia via Jalopnik]


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