Subaru Merit Badges Let Owners Show Their Subie Pride

Subaru Merit Badges Let Owners Show Their Subie Pride

Subaru has just launched a fun new merit badge program that lets owners show off their brand loyalty and interests. The Subaru “badges of ownership” can be purchased online (and presumably at your local dealer) and can then be easily afixed to your Subaru. Numerous badges are offered with little logos for auto related things like mechanical prowess, performance and the 100,000 mile club, plus owners can show other interests with badges for gardening, the arts, biking and animals. Heck, in a nod to political correctness, Subaru even offers a rainbow LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) badge.

Subaru fans are also sure to love that the company is offering a badge to show how many Subarus you’ve owned.

But don’t try and order badges for your Kia Rio, Subaru requires you put enter your VIN number to order the badges. (Although we encourage anyone to try and let us know if it works)

To order your own badges, hit the link below

[Source: Subaru via Autoblog]

  • Kimberly

    These badges are FREE to all new Subaru owners.

  • Jordan

    They are free for all subaru owners, not just new 🙂