Surf’s Up on Ferrari’s 16 M Scuderia Spider Surfboard

Surf’s Up on Ferrari’s 16 M Scuderia Spider Surfboard

You may not be able to afford Ferrari’s Scuderia Spider 16M roadster, but you can own a little piece of the luxury with the company’s new limited edition Ferrari 16 M Scuderia Spider surfboard.

Just like the car, the 16 M Scuderia Spider surfboard is limited to a run of 499. Made from poliurethan with glass fiber and resin and adorned with the 16 M Scuderia Spider graphic design, this board measures in at 7.2 feet and comes complete with a customized bag with shoulder strap and carbon fiber covered fins. It also features wooden stringer (the backbone of the surfboard), which makes up the vertical line along the board – everything about this handshaped surfboard oozes quality and precision.

It’s also a lot cheaper than its automotive counterpart too – it’ll cost you about $1,870. But if you’re one of those people who likes to everything Ferrari, this longboard is an essential to your collection.

Ferrari says it is an all-round board and good for beginners, so watch for it on the waves this summer. You can order in at Ferrari’s online store, but hurry before they’re all gone!

[Source: Born Rich]