Suzuki Kizashi Turbo Concept Packs 290 Horsepower

Suzuki Kizashi Turbo Concept Packs 290 Horsepower

When it comes to modified imports, Suzuki isn’t the first name that pops into your head. But Road Race Motorsports, a California based Suzuki tuner, decided that the Kizashi was due for some upgrades, and the end result is a car that has transitioned from mild-mannered sports sedan into something entirely different.

Road Race Motorsports’ turbo kit is a comprehensive package featuring a 16G turbocharger, intercooler, water cooling spray and other necessary hardware. The package takes the Kizashi from a stock 185 horsepower up to 290 horsepower, putting the 2.4L four-cylinder in the same league as most rival’s six-cylinder engines.

The car made its premiere this past weekend on Speed Channel’s “Test Drive” program with host Tommy Kendall. See a clip of that show plus the official press release after the jump:

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Official release after the jump:


Blower heightens the excitement with lowered, tuned Kizashi

BREA, Calif. (April 30, 2010) – After an impressive performance preview of Suzuki’s 2010 Kizashi at last fall’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, the heightened fun (on closed course, with professional driver) continues with the debut of Kizashi’s concept turbocharged variant. As seen – beginning this month – with racer Tommy Kendall and his Speed Channel program “Test Drive,” this newest Kizashi concept morphs the intended definition of Kizashi from the Japanese – “something great is coming” – into “what might be coming next?”

In production form, the all-new Kizashi delivers a premium package and experience without the premium price tag, providing a unique blend of dynamic performance attributes and features more appropriate to the near-luxury sport sedan segment. The performance experts at Road Race Motorsports build on those performance attributes and near-luxury features with a host of mods designed to heighten the excitement factor while lowering the Kizashi’s lap times on any closed-course venue.

Road Race Motorsports, one of the chief suppliers of go-fast goods for Suzuki automotive enthusiasts, began the Suzuki turbo project with a pre-production Kizashi GTS. Boost is supplied to the stock heads and block by a 16G turbocharger, while temp is kept in check with Road Race Motorsports’ own high flow intercooler. Other adds on the hardware menu include custom fuel management, Road Race’s Sleeper blow-off valve, Velocity air intake and Extreme spray injector. The equal length turbo manifold is custom crafted, while the 38mm wastegate is supplied by Tial.

The enhanced power bumps the Kizashi’s already impressive engine to 290 hp and is connected to the track pavement via 19-inch Dunlops. Those are kept connected to the course by Road Race’s own sport springs, working in combination with Kizashi’s ultra-rigid unibody and all-independent suspension. High-speed stability is enhanced with the addition of a rear-mounted spoiler supplied by Delta Tech Engineering. The end result on the track – with either Road Race founder Rob Tallini, Tommy Kendall or the Suzuki enthusiast behind the wheel – is the need for speed suddenly and fully satisfied.

Air dates for the newest edition of Speed Channel’s “Test Drive” begin on April 30, 2010. For a complete schedule, visit the Speed Channel website.