Thunderbird Celebrates 55 Years With Party at Ford HQ

Thunderbird Celebrates 55 Years With Party at Ford HQ

It’s probably hard to believe for some, but Ford‘s ‘other’ legendary nameplate, Thunderbird, celebrates it 55th anniversary this year. When it was first introduced, the two-seat, personal luxury car was a smash hit and arguably saved Chevy’s Corvette from distinction. Although the T-Bird morphed into a four-seater for 1958 and became increasingly larger and more ostentatious through the 1960s and early 1970s, it always sold respectably.

The T-bird was downsized in the late 1970s, selling in record numbers – a few years later it was re-defined as a truly modern GT, winning approval from the press and public alike. Although discontinued in 1997, the car was re-born as a modern interpretation of the original two-seater for a brief period this past decade. The name is currently in limbo once again, but while the T-bird might not register much with mainstream car shoppers today, as far as classic auto enthusiasts are concerned, it remains a firm favorite.

In honor of the car’s 55th birthday, a special show will be held at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan on June 26th. Already, T-birds from 25 different states and Canada have registered for the event, which will include breakfast at the Ford Estate, a drive on the Ford test track, a display in front of the Ford Motor Company Headquarters and a drive to Greenfield Village and dinner at the pavilion. The event will be hosted by the Water Wonderland Thunderbird Club, the American Road Thunderbird Club and the If you have even the slightest bit of interest in these cars, you owe it yourself to attend this shindig. For information call Show Chairman Paul Nichols at 313-561-8895 or visit

[Source: Old Cars Weekly]


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