Titan Motorsports Scion tC Goes 3.996 at 182.45 mph in the 1/8th Mile [Video]

Titan Motorsports Scion tC Goes 3.996 at 182.45 mph in the 1/8th Mile [Video]

Titan Motorsports has long been paving the way in the sport compact drag racing segment, setting records in their Street Tire Supra in the early 2000s, before moving onto the NHRA Sport Compact Pro RWD class with their Toyota Celicas. They then powered their way to 6-second passes on the quarter-mile before Scion jumped on board on contributed to two new chassis. Once the NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing Series merged with NOPI, and NOPI disappeared, Titan Motorsports looked for a new challenge to please its sponsors and continue drag racing while setting records and raising eyebrows.

In what was an interesting move on their part, Titan Motorsports decided to campaign their Scion tC drag car at the ADRL series which is mostly dominated by American muscle. In fact, they are probably the only import-powered vehicle there at most events. With a Toyota 2JZ Supra Turbo engine with only 186 cubic inches, most ADRL competitors were skeptical that Titan could even come close to competing with the 800+ cubic inch motors that were all forced induced. Needless to say they attracted a lot of attention once they became very competitive in the 10.5-inch tire field.

But a new goal was on the horizon for 2010. After making numerous low 4-second passes in the 1/8th-mile, Titan Motorsports knew they had it in their car to go into the mystical 3-second mark. A 3.999 or faster pass would not only make Titan’s car the fastest sport compact/import in the world but they would also become part of an exclusive Mickey Thompson 3 Second Club. Entering this club rewards the team with a custom ring, custom leather jacket and $3000.00 bounty to the first five members.

At the ADRL Georgia Drags VI, Titan Motorsports finally achieved their goal with a record-setting 3.996 @ 182.45 mph. They have made their way into the coveted Mickey Thompson 3 Second Club as one of the first five cars into the 3’s and guaranteed themselves as the fastest import in the world for many years to come. Watch the record setting pass after the jump!

[Source: Titan Motorsports Blog]

GALLERY: Titan Motorsports 3-second Scion tC


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