Top 10 Douchemobiles

Top 10 Douchemobiles

How does one define a “douchemobile?” Well, quite smply, the douchemobile really isn’t about the car iteslf so much as it is about the kind of person who typically drives one. In many cases, douchey drivers flock to a certain type of car. Some of these cars can be quite good, but simply have image problems, such as the BMW M3 or Corvette (although this author’s Corvette is, of course, the exception to the rule). Other cars are horrid to begin with, and could almost belong on this list on their own merits; their douchetastic operators, simply a bonus.

The auto-enthusiasts over at recently put together a list of the Top Ten Douchemobiles. We’ve simplified the list, which you can find after the jump. But be sure to check out the original list for some hilarious insights:


Top 10 Douchemobiles

No.10 – 2000-‘09 Ferrari 360/F430 in Fly Yellow (* bonus douche points for aftermarket wheels)

No.9 – 1988-’03 Pontiac Grand Prix/1992-’05 Grand Am

No.8 – 1994-’04 Ford Mustang in (faded) red or (faded) black

No.7 – 1993-’07 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

No.6 – 1995-’05 Dodge Avenger/Stratus Coupe

No.5 – 2002-present Porsche Cayenne

No.4 – 1995-’07 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

No.3 – 2004-present Toyota Prius

No.2 – 2004-present Lamborghini Gallardo/2003-present Murcielago in Day-Glo colors

No.1 – 1992-’10 Hummer

*Full Disclosure: This author has, at one time or another, owned three of the ten cars on this list.

** More Full Disclosure: The Hummer was an H1 Wagon, which was traded for a Mini Cooper after three months. The Porsche Cayenne was a Turbo that saw multiple track days, and the 1994 Mustang GT was owned from 1997 to 1999. The paint was far from faded.

[Photo: Joey Bock]