Top Secret Releases Nissan GT-R R35 Parts

Top Secret Releases Nissan GT-R R35 Parts

There’s a sort of an irony in the Top Secret brand name; they’re not one bit a secret in the tuner world at all. There are few companies that have stood the test of time like Top Secret has, always being on the forefront of parts research, design and manufacturing. They are also one of the few Japanese tuning companies that focus on all facets of motorsports from street driving to drifting, circuit racing and even drag racing.

Mostly known for their infamous gold paint schemes on their demo cars, Top Secret’s products are available for a multitude of makes and models. But it’s hard to argue their passion for Nissan tuning, exemplified with their 350Z and previous Skyline projects.

Now attention has turned to the new Godzilla GT-R on the streets, the R35. Top Secret has recently announced the release of a few new parts, some of which could be great interest to any GT-R owner. The most important of the releases is a twin turbo upgrade that surprisingly uses the stock housings but honed out to fit the larger internals. Top Secret claims that they’re good for around 600-hp without sacrificing drive-ability. Ball-bearing maintains the quick spool the GT-R is known for.

The Top Secret Super Suction Kit is a 56mm stainless steel intake that replaces the factory compressor-side cast offerings. It can be used with the stock intake kit. Accessories from Top Secret this time around include an oil catch can with a 2.0-liter capacity and a hood dampening kit. Nissan made an odd decision to not include gas struts for hood support on their premier street car, but hey at least Top Secret has us covered now – and in style.

[Source: GTR Blog]

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