Toyota FT-86 Delayed Until 2013

Toyota FT-86 Delayed Until 2013

Those eagerly anticipating the launch of the FT-86 affordable sports car from Toyota will have to keep waiting. According to a report by Japan’s Best Car magazine, the concept has been delayed from an original production date of 2011 until 2013.

Reasons for the delay include the possibility of a different design direction (why?), as well as rumors that Toyota could be looking at a hybrid option – depending, of course, on the success of the Honda CR-Z. Then there are the reports that the FT-86 is being delayed due to development costs and rumors that an even smaller FT-86 will also arrive to satisfy the original model’s budget-targeted audience.

Regardless, we have to think an extra two years is a very long delay for a vehicle that Toyota supposedly considers to be so important.

The next rendition of the FT-86 Concept is set to be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show in late 2011.

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[Source: BestCar via 7Tune]