Toyota Sienna ‘Swagger Wagon’ Commercial is Hard-Core and Humorous

Toyota Sienna ‘Swagger Wagon’ Commercial is Hard-Core and Humorous

The marketing folks for Toyota are taking a unique approach to the new Sienna minivan, opting to raise interest (and eyebrows) with a new “Swagger Wagon” commercial that has a regular family gangsta-rapping about their new wheels.

The whole thing is actually very well executed – like the new Sienna. And with the top trim Sienna looking more like a Lexus (inside and out) and costing like a Lexus too – P Diddy might just approve.

Check out the video after the jump, plus we’ve thrown in another video that we have a feeling Toyota’s marketing folks have seen. It’s Canadian comedian Jon Lajoie in ‘Everyday Normal Guy.’

And be sure to check out our review of the 2011 Sienna at the link below:

2011 Toyota Sienna: First Drive

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  • Bonnie Dunn-Matkov

    Hey Toyota, why would you allow the “Normal Guy” video to be attached to your very cute swagger wagon video? Very poor taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I have found this Sienna ad to be in extremely poor taste. As a potential buyer of a mini van in order to be able to fit my frequent visitors, I find with this ad that I am not by far the target customer for Toyota.

  • Lisako McKyer

    I LOVE the commercial! I currently drive a minivan. Husb & I thinking about replacing soon (it has 100,000+ miles). Saw the Swagger Wagon clip and went straight to the dealership to see one in person! LOVED IT! Why didn’t we buy immediately? Price. Kinda steep.

    I’m a college prof. Asked my students who’d consider buying a minivan. ZERO raised hands. Asked why. Usual answers (boring, not cool). THEN, I showed them the swagger wagon youtube clip. THEY LOVED IT! Now, when I asked the question again, I STILL didn’t get any raised hands…but they did share that they now understood WHY I loved my minivan! LOL.

    P.S. For those who think the video is racist, racially insensitive, etc., I say “LIGHTEN UP!” I’m African American, and wasn’t the least bit offended.

    Whether those parents where white, black, yellow or purple, the humorous part of it is that its UNHIP-looking PARENTS who are rappin’ like they’re cool. GRANTED its funnier being performed by a cookie-cutter white couple. But imagine Bill Cosby & wife doing the same. Still would be HILARIOUS!