Volkswagen To Release “Rocktan” Crossover Based On Suzuki SX4

Volkswagen To Release “Rocktan” Crossover Based On Suzuki SX4

Volkswagen, looking to take advantage of their tie-up with Suzuki, is apparently angling to use the Suzuki SX4 as a new crossover, designed to compete with the Hyundai Tuscon and the Europe-only Nissan Qashqai.

The crossover would retain Suzuki’s AWD system, but likely use Volkswagen’s TSI and TDI engines, rather than the pedestrian Suzuki motors. Sources that that the vehicle will be given the rather strange moniker of “Rocktan”. The vehicle is expected to debut around 2012, in time for the next generation SX4.

[Source: Wheelosphere]

  • Creeper

    I’m hoping VW lends some of their more powerfull engines to the SX4 versions a 2.0T or TDI would be killer.

  • i can has sx4 my way?

    I hope does not have a solid beam rear axle like the current SX4 and Jetta.

  • Luis Osorio

    Hi,my name is Luis Osorio the Suzuki SX4 based crossover Fiat Sedici the production built from 2006 through this year 2011 by 2012 Fiat Sedici it has to be a succesor Volkswagen Rockton based on the next generation Suzuki SX4 crossover platform The Volkswagen Rockton Hungary plant it’s gonna be try to purchase a Fiat Sedici hungarian plant at the former Fiat Sedici plant Volkswagen Rockton is now built in Esztergom,Hungary alongside with the Suzuki SX4 located at the former Fiat Sedici plant but Fiat is now left to Chrysler Group Chrysler has a new Fiat Division in Europe Fiat Sedici is now Volkswagen Rockton is a sibling of Suzuki SX4 clone crossover but unfortunately the Fiat Sedici is not available in United States,Mexico,Canada and Puerto Rico but the new 2012 Volkswagen Rockton crossover the Suzuki SX4 clone is coming to United States,Mexico,Canada and Puerto Rico


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