Volvo and K-Pax to Offer Dealer Installed and Warranteed Performance Parts Line

Volvo and K-Pax to Offer Dealer Installed and Warranteed Performance Parts Line

K-Pax Racing, which runs the successful Volvo S60 team in the World Challenge GT series, is working with the Swedish automaker to offer a line of Volvo performance parts. The parts will be offered exclusively through certified Volvo dealers in both the U.S. and Canada, according to K-Pax Performance Cars president Peter Nielsen. Nielsen spoke with AutoGuide track-side at Mosport International Raceway where the team is competing in two races this weekend.

As exciting as this is for performance-minded Volvo owners, the best news is not just that the parts will be sold and installed by Volvo dealers, but that they will not void the factory warranty.

According to Nielsen the company will initially offer parts for the C30 as well as the new S60 model – with plans to expand beyond that depending upon customer feedback. The parts won’t just be limited to add-on spoilers and shift-knobs either. Instead, it will include intake and exhaust systems as well as upgraded suspension components. K-Pax has already built a modified C30 using its full performance package for that car, bumping horsepower from 227-hp to 300-hp – although this kit is likely to be detuned slightly to 280-hp when it hits the market.

If all goes as planned, K-Pax intends to offer the first parts for the C30 model this Fall.

  • Marion S. Brantley, Jr.

    I’m glad to see the Volvo S60 is in the racing picture.

    Volvos that we have owned started with our first in 1963, a new 122s. Since that model we have always had at least one or more Volvos; ’68-142s, ’79-262c Beretone 4spd w/ O/D, ’88-740, ’95-50, ’00-S70 and currently own a S60R w/ 6spd.

    I hope to continue driving Volvos and my ’67 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk3 until they make me stop driving.