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 |  May 10 2010, 11:01 AM


Looks like Toyota might not be the only company having problems with “unintended acceleration.” At a recent demonstration of Volvo’s collision avoidance system, the Swedish automaker shot a Volvo S60 out of a specialized tunnel and aimed it directly at the back of a dump truck. Ostensibly, the collision avoidance system was supposed to bring the car to a stop without human intervention, but things didn’t work out as planned, with the car slamming into the truck in front of an assembled crowd of journalists.

Volvo claims that human error caused the crash, due to a lack of preparation on Volvo’s part, and that a human driver would have been able to notice that the system wasn’t working properly. We’re not safety experts and will withhold comment for now, but there’s no doubt that this was an embarrassing episode for a company renowned for their safe vehicles.

[Source: Wired]