Vorsteiner Unveils VPT Panamera Turbo Concept Renderings

Vorsteiner Unveils VPT Panamera Turbo Concept Renderings

The carbon fiber experts at Vorsteiner are at it again, this time unveiling renderings for their latest concept car – a modified Porsche Panamera. Here at AutoGuide we absolutely love the Panamera, be it the standard Panamera S, or the monstrously powerful Turbo. But…. and it’s a big but… we just really can’t fall in love with its bodywork.

Thankfully there’s an aftermarket, and the aftermarket loves Porsches. In addition to the pics, Vorsteiner has released, well, nothing. We can gather from the photos there’s a full aero kit, complete with carbon fiber front splitter, side skirts and an aggressive racing-style rear diffuser. Plus, there’s a unique ducktail rear spoiler that really helps improve the car’s sloping rear end.

Vorsteiner is likely just testing the waters with this concept, but we have to think there will be plenty of demand from owners who want their Panamera to look this good.

GALLERY: Vorsteiner VPT Panamera Turbo Concept


[Source: Luxury4Play]