Wald International Shows Off New Wheels, We’re a Little Underwhelmed

Wald International Shows Off New Wheels, We’re a Little Underwhelmed

Wald International is one of Japan’s premier tuner of high-end automobile brands. But as of the last recent years their brand name has lost some of its luster – strangely as the brand has also increased in popularity on this side of the Pacific. So when we got word that Wald would be showcasing a new wheel we were anxious and had high hopes. Well, the Germania G21 wheels are here and we have to admit, we’re a little underwhelmed.

Wald chose to use their Black Bison edition Mercedes-Benz E-Classes to display the new 21-inch wheel. Almost all of Wald’s wheels feature bold and in-your-face designs while maintaining a classy and refined style to them. They were always “just enough” without going “over the top”. But the new Germania G21 seems to lack a lot of depth. Sure we’re well aware that many manufacturers are turning towards a monoblock/one-piece style for cost savings, but having absolutely no concave or depth to the wheels really throws it off. We couldn’t help but think some of these photos were bad Photochops given how flat the face of the wheel is.

We like the chrome with contrasting black finish on the spokes, but overall the design of the wheel leaves a bit more to be desired. But hey, at least the two modified E-Classes make for great eye-candy.

GALLERY: Wald Germania G21 Wheels on Black Bison Mercedes E-Class


[Source: WorldCarFans]


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