What Recession? Ferrari 250 GTO Sells For $25 Million.

What Recession? Ferrari 250 GTO Sells For $25 Million.

On the heels of the Bugatti Type 57 that sold for “$30-40 Million” (hey, what differences does a mere $10 million make) a Ferrari 250 GTO, a car regarding as one of the greatest sports cars of all time, has just sold for $25 million.

The car, sold by RM Auctions, is one of 39 ever made, is powered by a V12 engine that puts out 302 horsepower and scoots to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds is good for 174 mph – incredible numbers for 1963 and still decent today. The styling is simply iconic, perhaps the most recognizable vintage Ferrari ever.

Max Girardo of R.M. Auctions had this to say about the sale of such a historic machine. “The exclusivity of Ferrari’s 250 GTO cannot be understated. As they rarely come to market, new owners become part of a very exclusive ‘club’ and are welcomed with open arms at literally any of the world’s great concours events, races, and rallies. We are pleased to have been able to unite this exceptional car with a new and immensely enthusiastic owner. It’s fantastic that this car will now be used in earnest on the classic car scene around Europe.”

[Source: TopSpeed]


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