Xenatec Dream Car Renderings Include Bentley SUV, Aston Martin Hatch

Xenatec Dream Car Renderings Include Bentley SUV, Aston Martin Hatch

We’ll give German Tuner Xenatec this much: their Maybach 57S Coupe is pretty sweet. But they’ve now released five Photoshop rendering of what they consider their “dream cars.” Thankfully these are just concepts, because quite frankly we’re not too sure about the styling.

Let’s start with their Aston Martin hatchback/crossover. The rear end looks like it was literally copy/pasted from the Mercedes-Benz R-Class and well, let’s just say that 007 isn’t the first thing that popped up in our minds. Aston Martin has always had the intrigue and sophistication that comes with the world’s coolest spy. A soccer mom conversion to the Vanquish is simply sacrilegious.

Next up is the BMW 6-Series sedan. This one isn’t absolutely horrible (and surely better than the Aston Martin), but you have to admit that is looks really odd. Sedans going to coupes – like the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class – is a smoother transition, but after seeing the 6-Series as BMWs coveted sports coupe, it’s hard to imagine seeing it stretched and sporting another pair of doors. It’s just not sporty at the end of the day, but hey, it could grow on us.

The most interesting one of the bunch that we think would actually work is the Porsche pick-up truck. It’s no surprise that trucks are highly successful in the North American market, and even the Japanese have captured their fair share of the market. So why not a high-end European truck? Now it’d probably be a funny sight to see a lifted Porsche pick-up truck sporting really tall tires and chrome wheels. But it wouldn’t be the worst we’ve seen in our days. And besides, if the Cayenne is just a Touareg underneath, then why not a Porsche based on VW’s new Amarok.

The remaining two are rather realistic. The Porsche 911 sedan actually works in its own right, especially since we’ve been staring point blank at photos of the Panamera over the last year. In fact it’s almost like Porsche has brainwashed us that a Porsche sedan works. We have to admit, we’d love to rock one of those 911 sedans that they’ve rendered up. It’s got a Mercedes-Benz CLS-esque styling to it, remains sporty (unlike the BMW 6-Series sedan) and all in all doesn’t look entirely out of place.

Lastly the Bentley SUV actually fits. Much like Porsche’s Cayenne, a Bentley SUV would be highly successful, in our opinion of course, in the luxury market. Bentleys are known to be fantastic daily-drivers, offering comfort and performance in a finely balanced package. The Flying Spur is a great family car for those that can afford it. So quite honestly out of all these concepts, the Bentley SUV is at the top of our list of actually being successful.

Oh, did we say lastly? There’s also a stretched Audi SUV in the mix. But we’re sure you’ll understand why we didn’t really share our thoughts on it. It’d be a nice rental when cruising down the Las Vegas strip on your bachelor party weekend; but other than that, is there really a reason?

We’ll be more curious to see if Xenatec pursues any of these projects on their own. They clearly have the capabilities of doing it, but we can’t imagine it would be a sound investment if all of it came out of their own bank account. But hey, maybe Bentley and Porsche are taking notice.

[Source: Auto Express]

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