You Spend $1,642 a Year in Gas, and Fun Fuel Facts

You Spend $1,642 a Year in Gas, and Fun Fuel Facts

How many jobs do you have to support your habit (and by habit, we mean driving a car)? Prices for gas and other vehicle-related expenditures are on the rise, and there looks to be no relief in sight. A lot of people forget about the costs behind keeping a car on the road – they just budget for the cost of the car itself. Have you ever wondered about how much it will cost to fuel your Toyota Prius hybrid (it will set you back $846 a year) or your 2010 Lamborghini Murchielago (a mere $4,754 per year)?

The infograph below lets you in on some fun – and important – facts you may not have known about fueling up. See after the jump:


The Cost of Driving a Car [Source: Auto Insurance for]


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