18-Wheeler Races Honda Accord, Wins

18-Wheeler Races Honda Accord, Wins

An 18-wheel Semi-truck, carrying a fuel trailer, and a 1995 Honda Accord were stopped by Slidel, LA police for drag racing on rural backroads. The drivers, Craig Smith (semi) and Brandon Tanks (Honda), were cited for the rural drag race, which, according to police, exceeded 80 mph. Smith said the two had discussed how fast their vehicles were, and decided to settle it with a drag race. Smith’s fuel trailer was empty, so the two raced down Old Spanish Trail.

Louisiana Highway Patrol officer Capt. Kevin Folz reported that at the time of the stop, the Semi was in the lead.

We’re guessing VTEC hadn’t kicked in yet.

[Source: The Advocate]

  • Chad

    There is no good way for Honda to spin this and not look like losers.