2011 Dodge Charger Spied: New Front End Revealed

2011 Dodge Charger Spied: New Front End Revealed

We’ve already seen quite a few spy photos of the revamped Dodge Charger, but these are easily the best yet. Spy photos taken by KGP for Autoblog show the more aggressive and angular front snout of the big American sedan after the tarp covering the car was either left up or blew back. Along with the more sloped eyes and a hood that comes down over the front just a little, the fascia also gets larger lower air intake, adding an even more menacing look. We have to say, the design cues certainly look inspired by Alfa Romeo.

Past spy photos of the car have shown a more sloping rear roofline, aimed at giving it a sportier look. We’ve even seen a few snaps of a much improved interior for 2011.

See all the pics at Autoblog’s gallery by hitting the link below.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • l

    this is the new charger. this car this is what they been covering up what a disapoinment i’ll keep my 07 this car looks like my 07 no difference in others words i dont like it

  • Fujito

    So why’d you buy a car you didn’t like? This car doesn’t look much like my 2008 Daytona at all. WAY different nose, and the lines on the doors and fenders will emphasize the classic “Coke bottle” shape of the second and third generation Chargers. The first generation was too ugly to bother hearkening back to, but the ’68 thru ’72 Chargers were gorgeous! If Mama Mopariacci does the 2011 in B-5 blue, I’ll be first in line to trade in my Sublime Daytona.

  • u

    ARE THEY SERIOUS???????? This car is DOG UGLY!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE CHRYSLER, it was nice knowing you…or maybe NOT!!

  • Luis

    These shots really don’t give any great look at the actual lines. Sure the hood seems to rake down a bit more aggressively, but it’s tough to really see how much compared to the current car.

    As for the 6.4l engine…. I was just at the SRT experience and most are saying the 6.4l is not a given. There are questions about emissions reg changes.

    However, I would have to agree that the changes are not so huge as to make me want to swap out the 2010 SRT8.

  • l

    i never said i didnt like my 07 but this could have had a better design dodge put the covers back on this bull shit

  • Keith

    To the first comment about his ’07. man, I’ve got an ’07 R/T, black on black that I think is an awesome designed car. If the new ’11 looks like the ’07…Rock On!!!!

  • Bill

    What an U G L Y car. Chrysler you are going bankrupt again.

  • Dan

    This car is still UGLY!
    Chrysler should take the 68/69 body and just bring it back with impact absorbing front and rear. That front looks like it belongs on a pickup truck and then I still wouldnt like it but trucks are ok to be a little ugly like the Chevy Colorado, ewwww.