2012 Ford Explorer Teased In Outdoorsy Photo Shoot

2012 Ford Explorer Teased In Outdoorsy Photo Shoot

Ford continues to let bits and pieces of the 2012 Explorer’s design trickle out, and the latest photo shoot (which made its debut on Ford’s Facebook page) takes place in the snowy woods, with a a few details visible. Notably, the A-Pillar of the car is blacked out, which gives less visual heft (and is a trick used on bulkier sports cars, like the Nissan GTR). Other visible design cues, like the headlights and rear-view mirrors, are chock full of the latest Ford design elements.

The Explorer is switching a car-based platform for 2012, a move that has many observers and loyal customers up in arms. Ford’s been on a hot streak with their latest products (the Fiesta, Mustang and Edge have been winning rave reviews) but the Explorer is their bread and butter, and any mishap during the launch could be a blow to the automaker’s resurgence.

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  • Chad Wilson

    Bleh! You take your crossovers and stick ’em where the sun don’t shine. The beauty of the Explorer was its truck-like handling and poise. Ford has turned it into another crossover clone. Just shoot it in the head now and let it die.

  • Eric

    Death by a thousand cuts. Please let Explorer die with some semblance of dignity…

  • RightSaidFred

    Did FORD forget they already have the Edge?