ARKYM AeroRace Kit Shows BMW M3’s Wild Side

ARKYM AeroRace Kit Shows BMW M3’s Wild Side

Showing that the economy is truly turning around, the aftermarket industry (fueled by disposable income) continues to pick up steam. Recently ARKYM announced its AeroRace Kit for the BMW E92 M3. With yet another entry to the BMW E92 M3 segment for body styling options, we groaned when we saw that ARKYM’s slogan is “The Ultimate Aerodynamic Experience.” Surprisingly ARKYM’s take on the BMW E92 M3 is a splendid one.

Based out of California, ARKYM does its own original design work in-house, priding itself on “combining form, function and aerodynamic theory with industry standard materials and production efficiency.” Again, not something entirely novel for body kit companies to make these claims, but taking a look at ARKYM’s product shows that the proof is in the pudding.

The AeroRace Kit includes full double-sided carbon fiber on the hood and the trunk, freeing up weight while giving it a nice and fresh aggressive design. The vents are subtle enough to not be gaudy and the fitment looks fantastic based on the photos. There’s a price to pay for the products though, with the MSRP on the hood set at $1,999.00 while the trunk will set you back $1,249.00.

We’ re just thrilled that some companies are still kicking strong and thinking outside the box instead of simply replicating what’s existing at a cheaper price.



[Source: BMW Blog]