BMW 335i And Mazdaspeed 3 Get Into It On Northern California Road, Bad Words Exchanged

BMW 335i And Mazdaspeed 3 Get Into It On Northern California Road, Bad Words Exchanged

We all love those impromptu drives on backroads where you can exceed the post limits just a little, without the action getting too dangerous. Once in a while, you’ll be following someone with a nice car that can actually drive well and set a good pace.

The driver of a Mazdaspeed 3 thought it was going to happen when a BMW 335i sedan pulled out in front of him and started driving quickly. Unfortunately, the BMW driver used all of his 5 brain cells to display an embarrassing spectacle of road rage that we can only attribute to misuse of anabolic steroids, or his dismay in seeing a Mazda hatchback keep pace with his (probably) leased 3-series.

It’s a good thing this took place in California. In a state with less restrictive concealed carry laws, someone could have been hurt very badly in this exchange.

[Source: Carscoop]

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  • jeremy

    That would have been a very bad day for him if I was the driver of the Mazda I’m from Brooklyn and you just don’t do that you take it and move on never get out your car in this case I would have shoved my Sig sauer in his fing face and made him shit bricks

  • Chad Wilson

    Wow. Just…wow. If only cars would give ME that much distance when I ride to work, I would praise their names on high! But, I suppose BMW owners are entitled to more.

  • 335i

    haha yeah never in NY….you should have called the cops on him and recorded it…that would have been hilarious

  • Tool_man52

     What the difference between a porcupine and a BMW driver? Answer: On a porcupine the pricks are on the outside.


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