BMW M8 Supercar Rumored to Get Hybrid V10 and All-Wheel Drive

BMW M8 Supercar Rumored to Get Hybrid V10 and All-Wheel Drive

BMW‘s upcoming exotic, based on the Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept, is rumored to due out in 2013 and possibly carry the M8 badge. The rumors, however, sound a bit too extreme. What’s hard to believe is the reported engine and drivetrain, with the M8 powered by a hybrid V10 with electric motors situated at each axle, to deliver all-wheel drive performance. According to Autozietung, the M8 will use a V10 engine (unlikely as BMW has dropped V10s from its lineup in favor of more powerful and efficient twin-turbo motors). Two electric motors will help deliver a boost of power at each axle, with the front motor creating anywhere from 80 to 115-hp, while the rear motor will deliver 50-hp.

The car will feature an all-aluminum chassis and carbon fiber bodywork, along with plastic components to keep weight to just above 3,000 lbs., helping deliver a 0-60 mph time of 3.8 seconds.

So many of the traits of this car point towards it being a rumor and nowhere near a reality. Would BMW really launch a new high-performance sports car, the flagship of its brand, with AWD? We think not.

[Source: Autozietung via TopSpeed]

  • Chad

    Finally! The Cars of the future that were promised to us 40 years ago are arriving! Yay! For the last 30 years, car design has been ugly and pedestrian.


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