BMW Recalls 1 Series for Fire Concerns

BMW Recalls 1 Series for Fire Concerns

BMW has halted deliveries and placed a recall on all 2008-2011 model year 1 Series models due to the risk of a fire in an accident. The issue is related to insufficient space between the seat belt tensioners in the B-pillar and the insulation surrounding those parts. BMW is worried that in the case of a crash, the insulation could overheat and a fire could occur.

As a result, dealers have been ordered not to deliver an 1 Siries models built from January to May of this year, and a recall is set to go into effect.

Owners will be notified and will be asked to bring their cars in for service to fix the issue. Those with questions can contact BMW at 1-800-525-7417.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

  • Mr. A. Price

    Driving home today from shopping with my wife I had some trouble getting into gear. However, I managed to get home and left it on the avenue. Cleared the shopping from the boot and rang the garage to look at my car. The garage wanted to know the registration number so I had to go outside to see it when low I discovered the car was on fire! I rang the fire brigade and they dealt with it. When I informed the garage it was on fire they instructed me to get on to my insurance which I have done. The upshot is that the car has been taken to Motor Move in Stockport where the insurers will assess its value! Surely there must be a manufacturing flaw for this to happen that BMW should resolve and not the insurance.
    I bought the car on 1.3.2010. I had a clutch replaced at BMWs expence and recently had a full service having done 17.000 miles. Please advise.