Bone Stock BMW X6 M Runs 12 Second Quarter Mile Pass

Bone Stock BMW X6 M Runs 12 Second Quarter Mile Pass

Look, when the BMW X6 was first announced we all scratched our heads. Don’t deny it, you did too. The X3 and the X5 have their place in the market, but the X6 is an oddity. Now we’re starting to feel wrong about judging this book by its cover. The X6 M has truly reshaped SUV performance (naturally, being an M model and all) and now we’re just band-wagoners praising what the 555-hp X6 M is all about.

So what exactly are we leading up to? Well a video has surfaced showing a completely bone stock Alpine White X6 M blasting the quarter mile in Bahrain at 12.5 @ 110 mph. That’s a stock SAV (we still think it’s an SUV) running 12’s. This just shows how well the X6 M actually performs in the real world. Sure it’s a pretty useless utility vehicle, but as a sports car, it delivers. Make sure to check out the video after the break. Maybe it’ll make a convert out of you too!

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  • Joe

    When you write these kind of stuf post big bold letter ADVERTISMENT
    Oh no you cant because it’s not true.
    Please, my brother has X6 and it doesnt go near that speed.
    That X6 is NOT STOCK

  • Craig

    That is an X6 M! Totally different animal from a regular X6! Twin turbo V8!!

  • Joe

    Yes i know, my brother has one.
    STOCK X6M times:

    1/4 Mile ET: 12.810
    1/4 Mile MPH: 110.020

    That is NOT stock X6M