Brooklyn Lamborghini Fire Caused by Cheap DVD Player

Brooklyn Lamborghini Fire Caused by Cheap DVD Player

File this under the, “we could have called that” category. A Lamborghini Murcielago burned to the ground in Brooklyn last week. Not surprising, right? Those damn Italian mid-engined cars burn all the time, right? Well, yes, but look at the evidence in the photo above:

1) Cheap, ugly wheels. Anyone who puts cheapie wheels on a $300,000 ($200,000 used)  car is bound to fill the car up with other cheapie aftermarket parts too.

2) The fire started in the front of the car, not in the back, where an engine fire would start.

What could have caused it? The answer is obvious: cheap wiring for some kind of A/V system in the trunk. A Jalopnik reader posted the following nugget of information:

The owner of the Lamborghini (btw, he only bought it for $200K from what I heard) took the car to the city and had a DVD player installed in it and he was taking the car home. He was getting off the bridge and at a red light started seeing smoke coming out of the hood and the dash. Basically, it was an electrical fire from the DVD player and by the time the fire department got there it was too late.

Obviously the ugly wheels had drastically hurt the poor Murcielago’s self esteem, and when it learned that the owner planned to try to pick up strippers and use it as a personal movie theater, it just gave up and committed suicide.

[Source: NYShitty via Jalopnik]