Cadillac ATS Getting Standard 4-Cylinder, CTS to Offer Twin-Turbo V6

Cadillac ATS Getting Standard 4-Cylinder, CTS to Offer Twin-Turbo V6

Cadillac‘s upcoming 3 Series fighter will come standard with a 4-cylinder engine reports GMI, in a bid to keep weight low but more importantly to reduce emissions. But don’t think that means it will be low on power. The 4-cylinder is most certainly going to be a turbocharged unit, along the lines of the 255-hp 2.0T engine offered in the Buick Regal GS.

The next-generation CTS is also set to be equipped with a base 4-cylinder option, although even more exciting engine options are planned including both a V6 and V8. The V8 will be a small block unit currently under development and will find its way into the third-generation CTS-V (which is still a long way off). An ATS-V model is also likely to feature this V8 engine. First, however, we’ll get a taste of GM’s upcoming twin-turbo V6 in the CTS, reportedly displacing 3.0-liters and set to rival Ford’s EcoBoost V6 motor.

A possible match-up to both the twin-turbo V6 and V8 engines would be a new 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that GM is now researching. We have to think that some sort of 8-speed box will find its way into GM’s Alpha rear-drive cars considering BMW appears poised to run with 8-speed autos in the upcoming 3 Series and Audi will do the same in the A4.

Both the ATS and CTS are based on the same Alpha rear-drive platform, although the CTS underpinnings will be stretched quite a bit. The Alpha platform will also be used for the next-generation Camaro – suggesting it will be smaller and lighter than the current model. It could then also feature smaller turbocharged motors. Even more interesting is news that Buick is looking to utilize the Alpha platform in one of its products. Grand National anyone?

The timeline for these products will have the ATS Sedan launch in 2012, followed by an ATS Coupe and new CTS in 2013, with an ATS Convertible later that year. GM will most likely move ahead with plans for V versions of both the ATS and CTS but don’t look for them until at least 2014.

[Source: GMInsideNews]

  • Michelle

    My friends are VERY interested in these new V series !! I WILL buy an ATS-V OR XTS-V or even 3rd generation CTS-V, but only on ONE condition : ALL the next V series must be stronger and MUCH FASTER than the previous year’s V series. I’m expecting at least 650-750HP in the next V series, If not, I wouldn’t consider them if they were made less powerful or less fast. Step it up from 556

  • Colum Wood

    As he ATS is a smaller car, it’s unlikely to make more power than the current CTS. But we should expect the next CTS-V to top the current one. There’s no official word on the next M5, but it should get at least 50 more horsepower than the current model and you can be sure the CTS-V will deliver more. That’s still a few years off though.

  • arthur Wood

    i was driving down the highway a few days ago. I saw a cadillac cdts-4
    I was the first time I saw such a car. Please tell me more about the engine and the car.

  • David

    Seriously, I’m very interested, but please increase the performance and horsepower…I don’t care about the cost

  • johnd

    I want this car. Please produce it just as in the rendering. Beautiful.