Chinese Wedding Party Convoy Includes a Dozen Lamborghinis

Chinese Wedding Party Convoy Includes a Dozen Lamborghinis

This is one of those situations where a photo is easily worth a thousand words. Details are scarce considering this was first seen posted on a Chinese forum, but the photos clearly show a wedding convoy filled with no less than a dozen Lamborghinis. It’s no secret that there is now plenty of extra-affluent in China, and this is just a small sign of just how wealthy the rich are in China.

As if the Rolls-Royce Phantoms (with a gold Spirit of Ecstasy nonetheless) for the main wedding party wasn’t impressive enough, the convoy consisted of 12 Lamborghinis: three LP670SVs, a pair of LP640s, five LP560s and one LP550. What’s even more impressive is how colorful the collection was, from pink to black to white to yellow to green to orange.

Even though here in Southern California sights like this isn’t all that rare at Cars and Coffee, a collection like this being organized for a single wedding is remarkable. This may be one of those rare chances where owning a Gallardo makes you feel slightly…inferior.

[Source: TT Mop via Luxury4Play]

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