Ferrari V6 Not Out of The Question, Says CEO

Ferrari V6 Not Out of The Question, Says CEO

In an effort to meet increasingly strict emissions standards, Ferrari would be open to the possibility of building a V6 engine says Ferrari boss Luca di Montezelmolo. In an interview with AutoCar, di Montezelmolo was asked about a potential V6 powerplant for a future Ferrari model, to which the Ferrari CEO commented: “An engine smaller than a V8? Why not?”

Di Montezelmolo was clear, however, that emissions regulations would not trump Ferrari’s number one priority: building impressive performance machines. He confirmed that a V12 hybrid (previewed in the 599 KERS at the Geneva Auto Show) is in the works but said a production model could be four years away. Hybrid systems won’t, however, be a part of the company’s plans for its V8 engines. For those, he insists that continuing advancements in internal combustion technology will be sufficient to create power and meet CAFE standards.

While modern Ferraris are powered by V8 and V12 engines, the V6 engine does play an important role in the history of the Prancing Horse, notably in the Ferrari Dino.

[Source: AutoCar]


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