Fiat 500 Limousine Spotted in Germany

Fiat 500 Limousine Spotted in Germany

When we first set our eyes (in person) on the Fiat 500 in Abarth form at Tokyo Auto Salon, we couldn’t help but wonder how awesome it would be to see the Fiat 500 on American soil. And now that we’ve spotted it in Detroit and know it’ll be making its way to dealerships by the end of the year we’re always excited for Fiat news. We think this hot hatch will appeal to a huge crowd from budget, economy car owners to an affluent Ferrari owner looking for a daily driver.

But clearly this story isn’t about the Fiat 500 that we know. Far from it actually. Out in Germany, an unsuspecting blogger was just cruising along the road one day when his eyes spotted something he’s never seen before; something we’ve never seen before – and we’ve seen quite a lot. Staring back at him was a stretched previous-generation Fiat 500 limousine. Yep, while we’re used to seeing stretched Hummers or Escalades cruising the streets, some crazy German(s) took the most iconic Italian city car and added plenty of extra windows to it.

Hopefully we won’t be seeing any of this nonsense once the new Fiat 500 makes it to North America. At the end of the day though, if someone did it we’d still think it’s cool. Terrible, but cool.

[Source: The Italian Junkyard via Fiat on Facebook]

GALLERY: Stretched Fiat 500 Limousine

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