Ford’s 2011 Fiesta Gets Social with New Owners

Ford’s 2011 Fiesta Gets Social with New Owners

Social media has infiltrated every facet of life, and it has been a big part of Ford’s 2011 Fiesta marketing launch. Ford is promising new Fiesta owners an experience unlike any other when they take delivery of their new car.

The experience starts in the showroom, where kiosks play Fiesta Movement videos and act as photo booths for new owners. But it doesn’t end there. New owners will get an interactive USB that is pre-loaded with an audio tutorial explaining the Fiesta’s features and how to use them.

This tool is meant to accompany the owner on the way home, as they can plug the preloaded USB into the Fiesta. It’s kind of like “unwrapping” all the cool new features in the car with infotainment-type audio. The topics range from push button start, to the sound-deadening windshield glass.

Here’s where the social media aspect comes into play. Fiesta owners can use the USB to install a program that lets them access and modify their delivery photos, then share them with other Fiesta owners through social media channels like Facebook. The desktop application also provides a wiki (called Fiestapedia) with tips on how to use the Fiesta, get podcasts and other related information.

The first automaker to create such a program, this Fiesta experience is a new way for Ford and its dealers to interact with customers. It’s an innovative step that shows Ford trending towards a customer experience that does more than deliver a car.

“The Fiesta Movement has taught us that consumers want to continue the dialogue with Ford Motor Company and other Fiesta owners,” said Paul Anderson, Ford small car marketing manager. “Fiesta continues to push the boundaries of how we launch products and how we interact with our customers.”