GMC Granite Approved for Production – Or Not

GMC Granite Approved for Production – Or Not

The GMC Granite has been given the green light for production. No… wait… it hasn’t. According to a report by Motor Trend, a source at GM announced that the funky Scion xB-like urban MPV based on the Chevy Orlando will get the go ahead. After publishing the report, GM contacted MT to inform them that the production light is not green, but more yellow – if not downright red.

Did MT just jump the gun? Or perhaps someone at the General slipped up and prematurely announce this new model for production long before it is ready. After all, GM hasn’t even launched the Chevy Orlando yet and the Granite is sure to come after it’s Chevy brother.

Regardless, we have to think that after the overwhelmingly positive reaction the Granite received at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, well see it in dealerships before long and unlike the Orlando, the Granite will most certainly be sold in America.


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[Source: Motor Trend]