Hello Kitty Motor Oil Looks Pretty Slick

Hello Kitty Motor Oil Looks Pretty Slick

That Hello Kitty sure does get around. She’s on everything – cell phones, socks, backpacks, and now… motor oil.

This is no hoax – AGIP, a subsidiary of Italian oil company ENI SpA, has combined forces with the company that owns the rights to the Hello Kitty name to bring you Hello Kitty motor oil.

For all you Hello Kitty collectors out there, some bad news: this motor oil will be distributed exclusively in Japan by Showa Boeki. The canister will be adorned with the iconic kitten, complete with her cute red bow and frisky whiskers. A three-liter can will retail for $33.

We’ve got to hand it to the brand – they really are taking every avenue to make all the money they can. But seriously – motor oil? We wonder if it’ll make your engine purr.

[Source: Top Speed]

  • Chad

    Amy, did you really just write that? Ugh. The pun, it killz me. 🙂