Hip-Hop Ode To The Tesla Roadster Makes Soulja Boy Sound Good

Hip-Hop Ode To The Tesla Roadster Makes Soulja Boy Sound Good

Los Angeles based rapper J Brave describes himself as an “MC, poet, activist for peace, and visionary…”, so we can understand why he would shun Maybachs and Bentleys in his lyrics in favor of the eco-friendly, uber-liberal chariot known as the Tesla Roadster.

Unfortunately for J Brave, his rap song “Dippin In My Tesla” doesn’t quite have the same vibe as other odes to automotive related conspicuous consumption. Songs like those are all about escapism, letting you step out of your 1997 Nissan Altima and into a world where your ride costs more than your house. Saving the planet isn’t a common fantasy for most hip-hop heads (at least not in the green sense). We’ll let you be the judge of the artistic merits.

[Source: Autoblog]

Hit the jump to see J Brave’s video for “Dippin In My Tesla”

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  • Brian Anthony

    It’s not bad,, as good as some other raps I’ve heard,, You guys making fun of it. The video sucks though. You would think that Ion would let them shoot reals cars and have a guess appearance ala “Tony Stark ” style.


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