Honda CR-Z Proving Polular With Older Demographic

Honda CR-Z Proving Polular With Older Demographic

Honda‘s new CR-Z hybrid sports car is proving to be a sales success already in its home market of Japan, but not with the crowd you might expect. Inspired by the CRX, the CR-Z would seem to be the modern embodyment of the early Honda hatch, appealing to a younger generation interested in a small and sporty car, but who are interested in their vehicle’s impact on the environment.

Honda, it would seem, has missed the mark, with the latest numbers from Japan showing that 35 percent of all CR-Z owners are over 40, with the majority of buyers in the 30-to-40 range. As for the youth market, males in their 20s make up just 15 percent of CR-Z buyers.

We have no doubt that contributing factors to the car’s lack of appeal with younger buyers involves its less than impressive power, not to mention its cost – which is directly related to the expensive hybrid system.

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[Source: 7Tune]

  • disappointed hondafan

    Actually, at least in the U.S.A., I’m not sure if it will appeal even to an older demographic (people like me who have driven turbo charged cars, v-8s and even V-6s and who appreciate having some “grunt” in the powertrain)as for me the lack of power is a “deal breaker”. For me the only justification for a two seat coupe is that is handles like a sports car and is fast. Unfortunately the CR-Z fails on both accounts. I do however, like the 6 speed and the HID lights (rather than offering its dated IMA system, I would rather see more Honda products with the 6 speed manual and HID lights). I know I’m probably in the minority, but I’d love to have a 6 speed manual Odyssey.