Hyundai Equus, Genesis Sedan to Get New 5.0L V8 With 429-HP

Hyundai Equus, Genesis Sedan to Get New 5.0L V8 With 429-HP

Hyundai has just announced that after the market launch of its new flagship Equus luxury sedan, it will offer an engine option above the planned 4.6L Tau V8. The optional engine will be a new 5.0L Tau V8, making 429-hp. That same engine will then also find its way into the Genesis luxury sedan.

With a power increase of around 45-hp with the larger engine, torque will also jump from 333 ft-lbs to 376. And aiding in both power deliver and fuel consumption is a new 8-speed automatic – although it’s not yet clear if the Genesis will also get the 8-speed box.

The move is designed to keep Hyundai’s flagship competitive with the new twin-turbo motors from BMW and Mercedes, but as most buyers won’t see the Equus as a rival to the established marques, we have to think this is more of a shot across the bow of Lexus, with the larger Genesis motor offering far more power than what Lexus equips its LS models with.

[Source: TheCarConnection]

  • Chad

    Ah, displacement. You are king.

  • Richard H. Gordon

    I would enjoy driving the new Equus, and owning it would be an immense pleasure, but it is difficult to imagine the NEED. My 2009 3.8 liter Genesis on 18″ Turanza Serenities, in almost two years, and, at 3o+ miles, has never been pushed to the limit. At 86, I probably have little (or no) reason to even look at a 5.0 liter Equus, but it might be tempting to buy the potential, especially with the direct injection and the eight speed transmission. It should turn even lower cruising fuel consumption rates than the Genesis. The cuiosity, and my imagination, are very nearly overwhelmingly justifyig my curiosity.

  • Karl Johan

    Richard, you sir enjoying a fine auto at 86 :D, I’d say go get it.

  • Richard H. Gordon

    If I wait for my present “ride” (2009 Genesis 3.8) to wear out, I’ll be at least 130. I’d guess “tasting” the wonders of the described Equus will have to be sooner that too much later, or I won’t get beyond the “dreaming” phase. It wouldn’t be easy to give up on what I have now. …………Dick Gordon

  • Adam R

    It’s funny, now they want to bring a 5.0 and before they said they wanted a Turbo or Supercharged 4.6 with DI.Wow.