Hyundai Sonata to Attempt 1,000 Miles on a Single Tank

Hyundai Sonata to Attempt 1,000 Miles on a Single Tank

Hyundai is extremely proud of the new 2011 Sonata‘s fuel economy, even making it the focal point at the car’s launch event earlier this year. To see just how fuel efficient it is, Wayne Gerdes of and a hypermiling expert is going to attempt to drive 1,000 miles on a single tank of gas. His plan is to drive from Milwaukee, WI to New York City – roughly 1,000 miles.

To achieve this goal, he’ll need to squeeze over 54-mpg out of every gallon of gas in the Sonata’s 18.5 gallon tank. That’s well above the Sonata’s 35-mpg highway rating, but not an entirely unrealistic goal, based on our own experience.

Back at the Sonata launch event we achieved a third place finish in Hyundai’s fuel economy challenge, managing 46.8-mpg. The first place team were able to get an amazing 52.8-mpg.

The world record for the most miles traveled on a single tank of gas is held by the Ford Fusion Hybrid, which managed 1445 miles.

We’ll keep you updated on the result.

[Source: CleanMPG via AutoblogGreen]

  • Chad

    I am not impressed. Really, I am not. Show me 1000 miles via normal driving habits and conditions. Some of the things those hyper-milers do is either not safe, not legal, or bad for the car. One hyper-miler I read about would near 55 MPH on an off-ramp so he could turn off the motor and coast to the nearby grocery store…in a 25 MPH zone.

    The one and only safe technique that I read about and I use is I coast toward red lights. I drive a manual, so I engage the clutch and not need to turn my truck off. My daily commute is the same route, so I have gotten pretty good at timing the series of lights through the town.

  • ccc

    I can understand mpg rating but per tank comparison is outragious. You can have 50 galon tank on your car if you want for heaven’s sake. A World record per tankful in meaningless

  • Chad

    18 gallon is positively huge for a car, that is light truck territory. Most of the cars I have driven maxed at 12-ish gallons. My wife’s Patriot tops off at 12 gallons.

  • Anthony Zangara

    I bought a 2011 sonata gls pop package model 17 in wheels an tires we love the car I drive from pa to work in nj 100 miles 1 way if i drive 64 miles an hour the car will give me 40 mpg no b/s up an down the hills. We have put 23,000 miles on it since may.. We get alot of attention where we go everyone loves the looks..Were gonna trade it in in the spring for the turbo we test drove the turbo an love the power..I never thought I would buy a hyundai but we test drove every other car before buyin the sonata an the sonato kicked there butt,,,