Hyundai Veloster to Hit 40-MPG, Top Honda CR-Z Fuel Economy Without Hybrid Setup

Hyundai Veloster to Hit 40-MPG, Top Honda CR-Z Fuel Economy Without Hybrid Setup

Hyundai is aiming to achieve an EPA rating of more than 40-mpg with its new Veloster model. The stubby hatchback has already been likened to the Honda CRX of old by Hyundai Motor America president John Krafcik, and now it seems Hyundai is planning to really steal Honda’s thunder, by besting the Japanese automaker’s reborn CRX, the CR-Z. That model, despite using a hybrid drivetrain, gets 36/39-mpg city/highway with a CVT, or a slightly lower 31/37-mpg with a 6-speed manual.

Better yet, Hyundai’s non-hybrid system, (believed to be a 140-hp, direct-injection 1.6-liter 4-cylinder), will keep both weight and cost to a minimum by keeping a heavy and expensive hybrid system out of the picture.

Krafcik has also let slip more details about the Veloster, including the fact that all models will come with a large in-dash screen – likely to show trip info and to manage things like iPods, etc.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • JP

    Steal Honda’s thunder hahah? Hyundai is crap, doesn’t even compare to a Honda. Hyundai are like little dogs nipping at our ankles… no threat!

  • Colum Wood
  • Chad

    I used to own a 2003 Hyundai Accent. It was a great car. Never suffered a single major failure of anything in the 80,000 miles we owned it — I sold it to buy new windows for the house. I changed out the air intake with a cone-based cold-air intake, tweaked a few settings and was getting nearly 40 MPG with my driving habits. I was not kind to that car, it was a commuter. I gunned the gas, broke hard, took corners hard, and it absorbed everything. I sometimes regret selling it. It was downright sporty for it’s pitiful 115 HP.

  • Colum Wood

    Sometimes those little gutless cars are a lot of fun. That is what the CRX was, after all.

  • Chad

    It is more fun to drive a slow car fast, than a fast car slow.

  • Peter


    You don’t seem to look at the global picture here.

    Hyundai is bigger than Honda. (Surprise)

    Its Honda who is nipping at Hyundai’s ankles.

  • disappointed hondafan

    Have you looked at the styling of the new Sonata? I think almost everyone would agree that it is a much better looking car than the Accord. Of course, styling has never been Honda’s forte especially when one looks at the Acura current break grille.

  • disappointed hondafan

    I still would buy the “fast” car over the “slow” car everytime. After all you won’t have to drive the fast car slow all the time and it will be a lot more fun (not to mention safer) accelerating on short on-ramp or overtaking another car with a powerful car then with an underpowered slow car like the CR-Z. In any event the CR-X was really light and had a better suspension then the heavy CR-Z and for its time period I’m sure was a better handling car than the CR-Z as compared to its contemparies (the Mini cooper is much better handling than the CR-Zzzzzzzzzzz).

  • disappointed hondafan

    It’s sure looks like Hyundai will “steal Honda’s thunder”. By all indications the Veloster will beat the CR-Z in every important category, it will be faster, lighter, thousands of dollars cheaper, likely out handle and be more fun to drive than the CR-Zzzzzzz as it has the benefit of not having a heavy hybrid powertrain like the aforementioned Honda. And it may have a dual clutch auto transmission and if it does, the CR-Z’s cvt transmission will be easily outperformed by this dual clutch transmission. To make matter worse for the CR-Z, which Honda has stated will not have an SI version, Hyundai will offer a powerful turbo charged version which will put to rest any and all claims of sportiness by the lackluster CR-Z aka Insight Coupe. If the Veloster delivers on what has been promised, then Hyundai will have shown Honda what the CR-Z should have been and Hyundai will have delivered on the true successor to the CR-X rather than Honda.

  • Real Car Guy

    I drove the CR-Z today and enjoyed the shit out of it. Yes even the cvt was fun to drive. And I flew past a Prius at 100 mph laughing because the crz is cool and it does handle the corners very well. Compare other cars to this and you find out the crz will put down 35mpg all day long. There are not to many cars in the 35 mpg” all day long” catagory. Sure Hyundai lovers can say blah, blah, blah but whatever! I did not drive that car today because the Veloster is not being built yet! But when it does come out I will buy it because you can seat 4 and fly past the crz.

  • RH

    @ JP, what planet are you from? Wake up and smell the sh++ buddy. Your comment is simply arrogant and ignorant unless you’re the CEO of Honda. But then even CEO of Honda is more informed than you.

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